Families can get free cash to pay for cookers, fridges & bedding – how to apply

THOUSANDS of hard-up families can get free cash to pay essentials and white goods like cookers, fridges and bedding.
Councils across the country are offering families free white goods to use in their homes.


Families could be eligible for free cash to buy essential white goodsCredit: Getty

The support comes from the Household Support fund, which was launched in October 2021 to help Brits pay their way through winter amid a cost of living crisis.
Councils have been given a slice of funding on offer, which is being given out to struggling households to help them with the rising cost of bills and food.
Where applicable, eligible households can apply for an essential appliance, including delivery, installation, and old appliance removal.
The appliances being offered vary from council to council, with some offering air fryers as well as washing machines.


What you will receive will depend on your circumstances and will differ depending on what your local council is offering.
That means what you’re entitled to will depend on where you live.
St Albans City and District Council are contacting individuals and families who may qualify for assistance from the fund.
Among the support on offer is funds to purchase white goods such as cookers and fridges, bedding and other household essentials.

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Other help includes supermarket vouchers that can be exchanged for food and toiletries or energy vouchers to help pay for gas and electricity.

The support offered to you by the council will vary depending on your circumstances.
I live in St Albans – can I apply?
St Albans City and District Council is identifying households that it thinks will benefit from the additional support.
Among the groups who may be eligible are unpaid carers, people in temporary accommodation and those faced with additional expenses due to an illness or disability.
The council is also looking to help residents on low incomes who have not previously benefited from Government schemes to help with household bills. 

You won’t be able to apply directly for the help and the council will contact households directly.
But if you live in the area and think that you should qualify for the help, you can contact the council directly do talk about your options.
What if I don’t live in St Albans?
If you can’t afford to purchase essential white goods, don’t panic, as there are many schemes available to help.
But you’ll need to meet certain criteria to be eligible for the free help.

For example, you may need to be on a low income, receive certain benefits or suffer from illnesses or disabilities.
Councils have a host of different schemes that local residents can use to get free household appliances and furniture.
For instance, local assistance funds are designed to help those struggling financially by providing essential furniture and white goods.
North Yorkshire Council, for example, offers households facing financial hardship free white goods.

Under the scheme, households can replace broken appliances free of charge – including cookers, hobs, microwaves, fridge freezers and washing machines.
If you have worked for a certain company or industry, help ma …