Exact dates to book for 49 days off in 2024 using just 21 days of annual leave

THE festive period is the perfect time to get your annual leave requests and and we explain how you can maximise your holiday.
Next year there are eight Bank Holidays, giving millions a well-earned break.


You can enjoy extra holiday next year by being savvy about the holiday you book

If you have a 9-to-5 job, Monday to Friday, then you can make your holiday stretch further by booking these exact dates.
Most workers who work five days a week are legally entitled to 28 days’ paid leave a year.
That’s equivalent to 5.6 weeks of holiday.
Before you book any of these dates off, check that you get all your Bank Holidays off by your employer – otherwise the trick won’t work.


End of March and early April
In 2024, Easter falls on March 29 (Good Friday) and April 1 (Easter Monday).

That means you’ll want to book off these four dates off which will give you a whopping ten-day break:

Monday, March 25
Tuesday, March 26
Wednesday, March 27
Thursday, March 28

Or you can book the following dates:

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Tuesday, April 2
Wednesday, April 3
Thursday, April 4
Friday, April 5

Either way, you’ll get a ten-day run of time off for four days.
You should book these dates around the Early May Bank Holiday on May 6 to get nine days off to relax – by only taking four days of leave.

Tuesday, May 7
Wednesday, May 8
Thursday, May 9
Friday, May 10

End of May and early June
The next Bank Holiday is Spring Bank Holiday on Monday, May 27.
Book off these four dates and you’ll get nine consecutive days off:

Tuesday, May 28
Wednesday, May 29
Thursday, May 30
Friday, May 31

End of August
Next year, the Summer Bank Holiday lands on Monday, August 26.
You’ll get a nine day stint by only booking these four dates off:

Tuesday, August 27
Wednesday, August 28
Thursday, August 29
Friday, August 30

There are two Bank Holidays in December – Wednesday, December 25 (Christmas Day) and Thursday, December 26 (Boxing Day).
You can enjoy nine days off by booking just these five days off on leave:

Monday, December 23
Tuesday, December 24
Friday, December 27

Or, you can get 12 days off work, including the weekend, by bo …