Exact dates for major change to benefits coming in Universal Credit shake-up

A MAJOR change is coming to thousands of households on five key benefits this year.
Households claiming any of the five legacy benefits will be asked to move to Universal Credit.


Over two million people are still on old-style legacy benefitsCredit: Getty

Refuse to do so, and you could miss out on £1,000s worth of cash to help with essential bills and the general cost of living.
The government plans to move all two million claimants on legacy benefits to Universal Credit (UC) or pension credit by the end of March 2025, under a process known as managed migration.
This is because Universal Credit was set up to replace legacy benefits.
The process began in May last year after a successful pilot in July 2019.

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Eligible households are being contacted via letters in the post which tell them how to make the move from tax credits to Universal Credit.
Once you receive a letter, you have three months to move over, or you could lose your current benefits.
Thousands of households receiving tax credits-only have already received these notices.
But in a recent written statement, the government has now announced its plans to contact those on other legacy benefis.

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Jo Churchill, minister of state for employment, said: “Our plans for 2024/25 are to undertake the issuing of migration notices to in scope Working Age benefit households sequentially.”
This will start with income Support claimants and those claiming tax credits with housing benefit from April.
Income support helps people who do not have enough to live on and are usually out of work but new claims for the benefit closed after Universal Credit was introduced.
Housing benefit-only claimants will then be contacted in June.
Those claiming employment and support allowance with child tax credits will then be contacted in July.

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Employment and support allowance offers financial help to people who cannot work because they are ill or disabled, and personalised support to help people work if they are able.
Those claiming jobseeker’s allowance will then be issued with migration notices from September.
The Sun previously reported that those claiming tax credits who are over state pension age will be asked to apply for either Universal Credit or pension credit from August.
What is managed migration and who is affected?
Universal Credit is replacing six benefits under the old welfare system, commonly called legacy benefits. They are:

Working Tax Credit
Child Tax Credit
income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
Income Support
income-related Employment and Support Allowance
Housing Benefit.

If you’re on any of these benefits now, you can choose to move over – but you might not be better off.
You should consider carefully what moving over means for your money, as you can’t move back once you’re on Universal Credit.
Using an online benefits calculator can help you compare and are free and easy to use from charities such as Turn2Us and EntitledTo, and i …