Exact date Starbucks pumpkin spice latte returns to stores revealed

STARBUCKS has confirmed that its popular pumpkin spiced latte is to return within days.The autumn favourite will be available to buy in more than 700 branches from September 1.
1Starbucks has confirmed its popular pumpkin spiced latte is to return on September 1
Prices start at £3.65 for a tall pumpkin spiced latte – 10p more than the drink cost last year.
The hot coffee drink is also available in venti (medium) from £3.95 and grande (large) from £4.25 – but prices will vary across store location.
But the good news is, Starbucks doesn’t charge anything additional for whipped cream or dairy alternatives.
This means you can have your indulgent drink topped with cream or made with oat, almond or soya milk for no extra charge.

All the drinks can be customised in a number of ways including a larger size and non-dairy milk alternatives.
There’s even the option of vegan whipped cream to top off the drink.
You can also save 25p on your drink at Starbucks if you bring a reusable cup.
You can find your nearest Starbucks by using the high street chain’s handy locator tool.
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Starbucks launched cold versions of the autumn classic in 2019.
They included an iced pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin spice frappuccino and an iced pumpkin spice cold foam macchiato.
But Starbucks haven’t confirmed if these will be coming back this year, sadly.
If you’re signed up to Starbucks rewards programme, buying a pumpkin spiced latte will count towards your points.
People who sign up will get three stars for every £1 spent in-store on beverages, food, coffee at home products or merchandise, such as mugs and travel cups, in participating stores.
Members with 150 stars can get a free drink of their choice and people who earn 450 stars over a year reach gold level status.
If you collect more than 450 stars, you will be considered a gold member.
Gold level members will be given treats such as free extra espresso shots, syrups and whipped cream, plus they can receive a free drink of their choice during their birthday month.
You can join for free by downloading Starbucks’ app from the Apple app store or the Goog …