Easy changes in each room to cut energy bills by £1,273 this winter

YOU could save £1,273 a year by pulling the plug on fuel waste at home.
Regulator Ofgem this week announced that the Energy Price Cap will rise in January, making the average bill £1,928 a year, up £94 from the current £1,834.


You could save £1,273 a year by pulling the plug on fuel waste at home

But get into good habits now and you could slash that yearly figure by more than half.
Ben Gallizzi, energy expert at uswitch.com, says: “There are plenty of cheap and easy ways to shave hundreds of pounds off your energy bills.”
Mel Hunter shows how to cut costs room by room.
BANISHING breezes will help you stay warm at night and cut bills.

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When Which? magazine compared four shop-bought draught-blockers with two home-made excluders, it found covering the door with a towel worked best.
It’s totally free and could reduce annual bills by £45.
Using an electric blanket in the bedroom, as well as when you’re curled up on the sofa, will also help cut bills.

Ben says: “Having it on for 30 minutes a night costs just 10p a week.”

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You should also layer your bed with an extra duvet or blanket and wear socks or thermals in the sack.
Joanna O’Loan, of the Energy Saving Trust, adds: “Don’t forget to turn off lights while out of the room. It could trim £20 off bills over a year.
“Turning down your thermostat by one degree could save around £100 a year. The lowest comfortable temperature for most people is between 18C and 21C.”

THE kitchen tends to use the most energy, but Ben says: “It has the most appliances so you can make the greatest savings.”
Using the oven costs around 17p an hour, but swap to a microwave and you could save £60 a year, according to the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances.
A slow cooker is another option – it runs for just 1p an hour.
To keep the cost of a cuppa down, only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need, and you could cut £11 off your annual electricity bill.
Defrosting your freezer regularly saves up to £150 a year, while keeping it full will make it run more efficiently.

Using eco settings on the dishwasher could save £80 annually.
And only do a full washing machine load.
Joanna adds: “Cutting out one wash a week and washing clothes at 30C rather than 40C can save another £27 a year.”
Using a clothes airer in a well-vented room instead of a tumble dryer will save £55 a year.
AROUND a fifth of a typical household’s energy bill goes on heating the water we use in the bathroom, according to the Centre for Sustainable Energy.
But swap baths for showers and cut your w …