Drivers must avoid key phrase following car crashes or risk invalidating insurance

GETTING in a car crash is scary enough, but saying the wrong thing could invalidate your insurance.In 2020 alone, there were 91,199 road accidents reported across the UK’s roads, and most motorists have to deal with a crash at least once in a lifetime of driving.
1Saying you’re sorry after a car crash could be seen as an admission of faultCredit: Getty
With winter upon us, crashes are more likely as Brits have to cope with driving in the dark in the evenings and the possibilities of ice on the roads.
If you do get into an accident, there’s plenty of things you need to do.
The key points are to make sure you stop, exchange contact and insurance details with the other driver, and record as many details as you can to help with your claim.
But there’s also one thing you should never, ever do – and that’s to say sorry.
Apologising after a crash might feel like second nature, even if it’s not your fault.
But experts warn that saying you’re sorry could leave you having to pay for the other car’s repairs, even if they caused the crash.

More worrying, apologising could actually invalidate your insurance as it is not allowed in some policies.
Insurance comparison site GoCompare says: “Although saying sorry isn’t a legal admission of guilt, it could be used against you if you were to make a claim. Your policy may also state you can’t admit guilt at the scene of an accident.
“Don’t point the finger either. Even if you know they were in the wrong, stay calm. Engaging in an argument at the side of the road might only make matters worse.”
If you’re worried about sounding rude, the experts say you should think about what you can do instead to help.
GoCompare suggests asking questions like: “Are you injured?” or “Is everyone alright?” and then offering to exchange details.
Swinton insurance says that determining fault should be left to the …