Decathlon to rent out sporting equipment for £10-a-day in new hobby deal

SPORTS gear is being rented out by Decathlon after almost a third of Brits said taking up a new hobby is too expensive. 
Equipment will be given out from just £10 a day.


Sports equipment can be rented from Decathlon for as little as £10Credit: Getty

Paddleboards, kayaks, mountain bikes and tennis rackets just some of the things Brits can pick up. 

It comes as a poll found 28 per cent want to take up a new sport but said they can’t afford it. 
Sharon Poulter, Rental Leader at Decathlon UK, said: “Despite having the appetite to try sports, committing to the cost of buying gear is one of the biggest barriers to people taking up something new. 
“Rentals gives customers across the UK the opportunity to overcome this challenge by discovering the joy of different activities at an affordable price and in a sustainable way. 

“We are proud to be the first business to offer nationwide rentals and this is a positive step forward for sustainable sports retail.”

Paddleboards cost upwards of £200, kayaks are around £300 and mountain bikes retail at more than £400.  
Decathlon research also found that a third Brits are more likely to holiday in the UK this year to save money.


Almost a third of Brits said taking up a new hobby is too expensiveCredit: Getty