Christmas favourite faces shortage or major price hike over supply crisis

A HAZELNUT crisis could hit Ferrero Rocher chocs this Christmas.
A lack of rain and insect problems in Turkey, where 70 per cent of hazelnuts are grown, means the crop is a quarter lower than normal.


Ferrero Rocher chocolates could run low or see prices hiked in the run-up to ChristmasCredit: Getty

And Ferrero, maker of the foil-wrapped treat as well as Nutella chocolate spread, buys a quarter of all the world’s hazelnuts.

Experts warn as a result there could be fewer boxes of the chocs on shelves, or a major price hike.
Hazelnut prices have already jumped 40 per cent.
A trader from Turkey told analysts Mintec: “We went to speak to farmers, and they all said the harvest would be much smaller than last year.


We are seeing the effects of global warming, insect damage and, in particular, a lack of rainfall during the critical nut development period in May.”
Trade magazine The Grocer warned the shortage “could become a problem for big hazelnut buyers” such as Italian firm Ferrero.

Ferrero Rocher became known for its cheesy Ambassador’s party ads.
The original version ran from 1993 to 1999 and there have been several revamps since.

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