Bristol firm Domin joins £36m project to ‘revolutionise’ aviation

A Bristol-based engineering firm has announced it is part of a £36m project which is aiming to help decarbonise the aviation industry.
Hydraulics specialist Domin said it was developing technology which could help aircraft to fly longer distances, use less fuel, and contribute towards reducing emissions.
The scale-up business, which recently expanded its office on Colston Avenue in Bristol city centre, is collaborating on the government-backed LandONE project.
As part of the trial, Domin will provide a digital system to replace a crucial component of an aircraft’s control system, which enables pilots to manipulate its flaps and rudder, during flight.
Domin said its innovation would help reduce the weight and complexity of planes, and could help pave the way for aircraft to use electrical power in place of centralised hydraulic and pneumatic power.
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