Boss gives all staff a paid day off EVERY week and says every employer should

A HERO boss has given all his staff one paid day off EVERY week – and has urged other workplaces to follow suit.Salon owner Joel McCauley lets all his hairdressers work four-day weeks after the “incredibly stressful” Covid-19 pandemic hit his shop in Cardiff, Wales.
2Hero boss Joel McCauley has given all his staff one paid day off EVERY weekCredit: MEDIA WALES
2Joel introduced a four-day week for full-time staffCredit: MEDIA WALES
He said lockdown – with saw all close-contact services like hairdressing forced to close – highlighted how salon staff got used to working “like dogs” in six-day weeks with back-to-back clients.
Joel introduced a four-day week for full-time staff as a “better, healthier way of working” – and said the move has had a knock-on effect for productivity.
The Slunks salon co-owner told Wales Online: “People don’t always realise but working in hairdressing can be extremely draining.
“Six-day weeks, back-to-back clients, moving from job to job because they have no time to think or plan what you’re going to do next.
“Anxiety is rampant in the industry and I’ve suffered with anxiety and depression and it can mainly be attributed to the amount of hours I was working.”
He put the four-day working week in place as a way to combat those issues – with full-time staff seeing no pay reduction for the fewer hours they work.
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Joel hopes other industries will follow suit.
He added: “This is simply a better, healthier way of working.”
He said a shorter working week has plus points at home, with staff finding they have more time to focus on their families and communities.
As it stands, around 30 UK firms are taking part in a four-day working week trial launched by ‘Four-Day Week Global’.
It is in partnership with Cambridge University, Oxford University, and Boston College – among others.
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