Boots is selling a PORK SCRATCHING advent calendar for £15

PEOPLE can enjoy mistletoe and swine with a pork scratchings advent calendar this Christmas.The £15 Snaffling Pig Pork Crackling calendar has flavours including black pepper, maple, pigs in blankets, salt and vinegar and BBQ.
1The pork scratchings calendar is one of the unique offerings on sale this Christmas
Boots tells customers: “Advent calendars are great. But if you’re more of a savoury loving swine, they’ve tended to be a piggin’ let down. The Snaffling Pig decided to right that wrong because he’s good like that.
“The result is this bad boy — which is a whopping A3 sized.”
It is among several bizarre calendars offering more than just chocolate behind each day’s window this year in high street and online stores.
Cheese firm Ilchester’s £16.49 item on ­Amazon features 24 of its ­individually wrapped dairy products. They include applewood and Wensleydale with cranberries.
The firm boasts that it’s the world’s first and only cheese-based advent calendar.

And adult firm Sinful’s 12 Lays of Christmas has 24 best- seller sex and bondage products worth £270 — but the calendar costs just £89.
The company said: “It is perfect if you want to fill your holiday season with surprises.”
It comes with an inspiration booklet offering guidance and expert tips for using its items.
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