Battle of Hastings 50p coin: how much is it worth?

COIN collectors will be well aware of bidding wars that can occur over the rarest copies, but what about when the battle is taking place on the coin itself?That’s what it looks like is happening on particularly rare 50p – the Battle of Hastings design.
1The rare 50p was issued in 2016 – 950 years after the real Battle of HastingsCredit: change checker
The Battle of Hastings was fought in 1066 between the French and English armies.
Historians believe the battle was such a significant event that it completely changed the course of history.
It changed the look of change in Brits’ pockets too, after the two worlds collided many years later.
To celebrate 950 years since the battle took place, a new coin design was issued by the Royal Mint.
The Battle of Hastings 50p came to be in 2016 – it was designed by John Bergdahl and is inspired by the Bayeux Tapestry which depicts the famous war scene.
But just how rare is the 50p coin that tells such an epic story? We explore, and we reveal how much it could be worth too.
Rare coins and VALUABLE NOTES
How rare is the Battle of Hastings 50p?
There are 6,700,000 Battle of Hastings 50ps in circulation according to Change Checker.
In comparison, there’s around 200 million regular 50ps, so the rare design only makes up a fraction.
Change Checker’s latest scarcity index update reveals where this particular coin ranks amongst the masses too
It sits in 49th place out of the coin experts’ 71 rarest that are ranked – with a score of just two as well.
That means it’s actually not very rare.
The scarcity index ranks each of the coins between one and 100 to indicate how hard they are to find, as well as how in demand they may be.
The higher the number, the rarer the coin – and this can make it more valuable too.
How much is the Battle of Hastings 50p wor …