Average price of pint of lager is edging towards a fiver, figures reveal

THE average price of a pint of draught lager is edging towards a fiver, official figures reveal.
It hit a new £4.67 high last month — a 12.5 per cent jump in a year, and 5p up on the month before.


Pint prices are continuing to climb, putting strain on the hospitality sectorCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Bitter nudged closer to £4 a pint, rising to £3.89 last month, also 5p up on September.
Bitter’s average cost was £3.54 last ­year and £2.81 a decade ago, the Office for National Statistics said.
The figures come just days after landlords, brewers and distillers urged Jeremy Hunt to act to “Save our Sups”.
The Sun has backed their call to freeze alcohol duty and extend business rates relief in next week’s Autumn Statement.


They were echoed yesterday by beer fans’ consumer group the Campaign for Real Ale.
Its boss, Tom Stainer, said the Chancellor could also help to tackle the soaring energy costs pubs and their suppliers face.
He said: “Pint prices rises are the result of cost-of-living increases and cost-of-doing business hikes. No publican wants to put up prices — they know it deters customers — but it’s a difficult choice of increasing the price of a pint or going out of business in many cases.
“As pint prices become more of an unaffordable luxury, customers may choose to stay at home. This will further damage the trade of pubs and breweries across the country, risking further closures and losing these vital community hubs for ever.”

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