National Grid ‘set to trigger emergency blackout plan tomorrow’ – and could pay Brits to turn off energy to avoid cuts

NATIONAL Grid is set to trigger an emergency blackout plan tomorrow and could pay Brits to turn off their energy to avoid power cuts.The winter emergency electricity plan could be activated for the first time with supplies tight due in part to problems in the French energy grid.
1National grid are set to trigger its emergency blackout plan tomorrow
The scheme, which launched at the start of this month, has already been tested twice in the last two weeks but has not yet been run for a live event.
And it means the multinational electricity company may pay households to cut their energy usage in a bid to avoid power cuts tomorrow evening.
National Grid said it would decide by around 2.30pm today whether to issue the notice to suppliers and households.
It comes as low temperatures and outages on France’s nuclear power fleet are set to put pressure on power supplies, according to market experts Enappsys.

Under the DFS scheme, National Grid will pay households to cut power demand in a number of ways.
This could be by stopping running the washing machine or dishwasher until the supply crunch has eased.
Households which have signed up to the programme in advance will get a message asking them to turn off appliances at a certain time in exchange for £3 per kilowatt-hour saved.
If the £3 is fully passed on by the suppliers to customers, that implies payments of up to £20 for each day when requested by National Grid.
Power supply and demand has to be constantly balanced to avoid triggering blackouts.
National Grid has developed the scheme over the past few months amid concern over winter energy supplies due to gas shortages triggered by Russia’s war on Ukraine.

A spokesperson for National Grid ESO said: “What has happened is that the ESO has issued an indicative notice on BMRS to alert demand flexibility service providers that we may issue a requirement at 2:30pm for the use of DFS tomorrow night.
“We’re …